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Jason Bay injured during TB game on Saturday

"I fouled a ball off my ankle, really not that bad," Bay said. "I've done it 10 times worse before. It just kind of got me in the right spot, running around on the turf kind of really bothered it. It was more precautionary than anything. It's a contusion, it's not like a hole or anything like that. It got me in the right spot. The turf really didn't help. It's not something to keep me out of the lineup."

Bay plans on playing Sunday.
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Patriot's Day in Massachusetts


Patriots Day --- April 19, 2009 (celebrated April 20th)

Patriots Day is a public holiday in Massachusetts and Maine, celebrated on the Monday nearest that date. All Massachusetts state government offices and many local businesses close, though federal government offices and offices of large interstate and international companies remain open.  Schools in Maine and Massachusetts will be closed giving students a 3-day weekend.

Patriot's day celebrates the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord, two of the first battles during the American revolutionary war.

The re-enactment of the battle on Lexington Green starts at dawn (6 am), but crowds of spectators begin to gather several hours before. If you don't get there at least two hours early, you won't be able to find any good vantage point for the "battle."  There is also a re-enactment of Paul Revere's famous ride.  The actor gets a State police escort while he retraces the route.

Another capstone event on this holiday is the Boston Marathon, in it's 113th running this year, which starts in Hopkinton and ends in downtown Boston.

The starting times are as follows:

Wheelchair Start: 9:22 a.m.
Elite Women Start: 9:32 a.m.
Elite Men & Wave 1 Start: 10:00 a.m.
Wave 2 Start: 10:30 a.m.

And as always (at least since 1959 with very few exceptions), the Boston Red Sox will host a home game on Patriot's day with an 11:05 am start (weather permitting).  Boston will finish up a 4 game series against Baltimore.  Justin "Bat" Masterson will start in place of the injured Daisuke Matsuzaka.  Masterson was in the running during the off-season to be a starter.  The game should end just as the marathoners are making their way through Kenmore Square.

The forecast for Monday, which could change, is cloudy and 50 degrees.  Pretty good for the marathon, but a little nippy for the baseball game.

Happy Patriot's Day everyone!  And for those of you in the local area, enjoy your 3 day weekend!


(NOTE: This is not to be confused with "Patriot Day" celebrated on Sept 11th)




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Why I have trouble with Denver Bronco fans

This comment appeared in today's Sunday Denver post:

"Here's a thought: After three or four years of mediocrity, Bowlen fires McDaniels. The owner again decides to hire a young, up-and- coming, brilliant mind named Shanahan. Kyle Shanahan. Realizing a change is needed at quarterback and hope needs to be restored, the Broncos draft a certain QB named Elway. Jack Elway. Shanahan and Elway united again. Shanahan and Elway: The Next Generation."



 I hear this kind of sentiment all the time.  Everything is Elway this...and Shanahan that.  Really people of Denver, it is time to let it go.

Stop living in the past.  Really.  Do you really think that Kyle Shanahan and Jack Elway will bring back two small glory years that had every bandwagon Denver fan coming out of the woodwork?  This would explain the distain fans from other teams have for Denver.  Because no one wants that again.

Embrace the future, be glad your new coach is bringing them into the 21st century...not falling in love with players but putting team first.  Be glad he is sending Prima-donna players who think too highly of themselves merrily on their way. (The "Stronger arm than Elway" comment Cutler made DID NOT go ever well in Colorado--I don't care what you say).  Isn't that what ultimately handcuffed Mike Shanahan?  His inability to deal with players who thought too highly of themselves?  It will take some time to rebuild the Broncos into a winning mold....but you fans in Denver will be happier in the long run.  Embrace the future, let go of the past.  Trust me. Innocent

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Fenway to last ANOTHER 50 years


SI takes an interesting look at the flip side of the coin.  While the Yanks are enjoying a new stadium, the Red Sox are finalizing upgrades to an old stadium to make it last another 50 years...supposedly.

I think fans go to games 1) Just to see new stadiums...but also 2) To enjoy the old stadiums.  Saying you were at Wrigley field is a special thing.  Something you can tell you kids and grandkids about.  The same goes for Fenway or the hallowed halls of old Boston Gardens.

So why did the Red Sox go this route?  Does knowing exactly where the Red Sox will be playing for the next 30 years help the club tailor specific hitting qualities in the farm system?  Will the upgrades bring enough of a revenue stream to keep pace with the rival Yankees?

A new park might add just a few seats, but would it really change demand that much?

In years past, one of the big downsides to Fenway, was the limited number of seats. But that was back when capacity was close to 33,000. Now with it up over 39k, it's not so far from the avg of peak efficiency baseball park capacity.

Before the 2008 season, Fenway Park's capacity was increased to 39,928,<sup> </sup>rendering Fenway as the fourth smallest.  Changes in the off season will allow the Red Sox to sell about 350 more tickets this year, but it doesn't officially change the capacity.


What are your thoughts on Fenway Park?  If you have any special memories, I'd love to hear them!


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Sox offseason moves

The Red Sox finished just shy of the goal...the World Series.  How much re-tooling do we need to do?

Sox have recently unloaded Crisp, giving Ellsbury more playing time at CF, picking up Pitcher Ramon Ramirez to possibly be the setup guy for Masterson.  Does that mean Masterson moves to a starter role, while we wait for Schilling to join the team mid-season?  Will Schilling even be joining the Red Sox...or will he go with another team?

Will Cora be back?  Will Timlin retire?  Will they be able to unload Lugo?  Who might emerge next from the farm system?  Will they pursue the long rumored contract with free agent Ben Sheets?

Please share your thoughts on the Red Sox offseason moves YOU think should happen.
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Posted on: October 9, 2008 11:34 am

Sox vs Rays

Friday 8:30p ET

Dice-k (18-3) vs Shields (14-8)

Dice-k pitches better on the road, and has a weeks rest.

Sat Oct 11th 8pm ET

Beckett (12-10) vs Kazmir (12-8)

Is Beckett's oblique healed?  If so his career 1.93 ERA at the Trop may be a factor.

Monday Oct 13th 4:30p ET

Garza (11-9) vs Lester (16-6)

Lester was the AL Pitcher of the month for September

Tues Oct 14th 8pm ET

Sonnanstine (13-9) vs Wakefield (10-11)

Wake didn't pitch in the Angels series.  He is 19-5 lifetime against TB, but 0-2 this year.

All games on TBS

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Red Sox heading south for the winter

Sox travel to Tampa to get started on 2 games in Florida against the hard-to-slow-down Rays, who have come of age it seems this year.

These first two games will tell us a lot about how this series will go.
If the Red Sox can steal a win there, it will help immensely.  Boston could also use a late inning lead to help the confidence in the bullpen.
Too many extra inning games lately it seems.

I wouldn't be surprised if tempers flare in this one.  Rays are too comfortable being division champs.  Red Sox want them to remember who the reigning World Champs are.  Look for some scuffles and tussles if game tensions get high.

No one is going to beat the Rays 1-0.  You are going to need some offense, so bring your bats.  I don't think losing Lowell hurts the Sox's defense too much but it may hurt the offense.  Kotsay and Youk will do just fine in the field.

But with veteran leadership from Varitek (what a run down on that squeeze play at 3rd), and the new comers pitching in (great hitting by Jason Bay) the Sox will pave the path for their youngsters to win the day.

Should be an exciting series.  Don't miss a minute.

PS  After the Celts v Lakers, no one wants to see another LA vs Boston finale......  :-)
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Red Sox v Angels series

I can't help but keep seeing that ball Mathews lost in the lights go over his head while Jacoby Ellsbury (Tacoby for those of you who remember him stealing a base in the World series earning you a free taco) raced around the bases to third.  He is so fast.  And young.  The Red Sox found a gem with him.

The Angels have lost home field advantage and that could be the end of it.  Even if they can control Dice-K tonight, Beckett goes at home in game 3 possibly, and the Sox could finish it again with Lester.  The momentun of the regular season is gone for the Angels, and it will take something big happening for them to get it back.

And Manny who?  Jason Bay strikes when they needed it the most.  Oh how they will love him in Boston.

Stay tuned.......

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